SmartRider MSP offers 3 types of courses, as well as one on one training:


Poughkeepsie (LaGrange, NY)-

  • Basic RiderCourse $275.00
  • BRC 2 $150.00 (club discounts available- Call SmartRider for details at 845-471-5800.)
  • Private lessons offered to anyone interested – call either 845-471-5800 for pricing.
  • Additional Riding Time $100

In addition to our classes, you can also take advantage of the following services:

Introduction to Motorcycling:
1 Hour Introductory Lesson

Although not mandatory, this 1-hour session is highly recommended for individuals who might be apprehensive or unsure of their ability to ride a motorcycle. During this time, we will introduce you to a basic overview of motorcycling concepts including but not limited to: balance and what that directly relates to, shift patterns, clutch control, braking and much more.

Road Test Escort:
Although we strongly encourage to see people utilize the Basic RiderCourse, we also offer Road Test Escorts if preferred. We operate within all of the counties of the Hudson Valley and are able to both schedule and accompany you to your road test if desired. If you don’t have your own motorcycle, we can provide you with one. (See notation below) If you do not own your own motorcycle and need to utilize ours, we mandate a one-hour counseling session to assess your ability to ride. This does not apply to students that have already taken lessons with us. A one-hour counseling session prior to the road test is available to all road test escorts.

Private Lessons:
Sometimes we find that people feel less intimidated if they can have a “one-on-one” forum with an Instructor. Private lessons allow for you to move at pace that suits you best. Whether you are a recent graduate of the Basic RiderCourse and are ready to get on the street, or if you looking to see if motorcycling is for you, we are confident that we will be able to provide you with the relaxed atmosphere coupled with precision guidance that will help you accomplish all of your goals.

Motorcycle Transport
SmartRider Motorcycle Safety Program, Inc. is happy to announce its ability to transport your motorcycle. Many students are new graduates of the Basic RiderCourse, or have not yet obtained their motorcycle license and either lack some confidence in picking up their newly purchased motorcycle or don’t yet have their license! Whether it is from a dealership, or a private sale, we are able to offer our assistance in getting your motorcycle safely to its destination!